Chairman Eng. Moumen Alkhateeb

Birth Place: Damascus, Syria.
Best Known as: The founder and General Manager of Al-Awael Group


Eng. Moumen Al Khateeb is a young Syrian business leader, who achieved through 17 years of business experience a lot of remarkable accomplishments in the Syrian market. Eng. Moumen Al Khateeb is the CEO of Al AWAEL GROUP . He is the founder and the contributor of AL AWAEL Group and a board member of sister companies ; AL AMIR the 2nd Syrian CD & DVD manufacture , A-BTECH for networking accessories Trading , MAGIC COLOR & PRINT HOUSE for printing, CHINA TOWN for home appliances Trading and Al MANAHEL company for Bathrooms accessories Trading.

Eng. Moumen Al Khateeb Business Background:

  • Moumen was born in 1974.
  • Studied Electronic engineering at Damascus University.
  • A self made man who started his business since he was a second year student at the university.
  • His studies helped him enter & develop the growing computer market in Syria with the help of his brothers Maher & Mulham Al Khateeb through CEC company in 1992.
  • In 1998, he established his first company AL AWAEL. A company, that specialized in importing and distributing computer parts & accessories.
  • Looking forward to enter the industrial field, he established also with the assist of his university colleague Mr. Hazem Habbab in 2004 the 2nd CD & DVD factory Al Amir in Syria.
  • Eng. Moumen Al Khateeb dreams are endless. In 2005, he opened the second branch of Al AWAEL; the Security department then, another specialized department ,the POS trading company AL AWAEL solutions which expanding his original company.
  • The success of these two branches also proved Moumen's ability to enter a new business challenge in trading & distributing and, so he extended his business more and more to enter a very different trading field by establishing CHINA TOWN a Company for home appliances in 2007 then
  • In 2008 followed with the Magic Color for printing

Consequently, Eng. Moumen Al Khateeb's management skills and ambitious developed AL AWAEL to be AL AWAEL Group .


إن كل عمل يجني المال فقط هو عمل فقير

Al-Awael Group Slogan: “A Business that Makes Money Only, is a Poor One”

On this philosophy our group has grown up planting inside its members the love and respect of people, work, company and community.